We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to THE INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES and to all those who have generously
donated financial support to keep this important project moving forward.

Thank you!

Diana Cawood
Wanda Gail Campbell
Ellen Cone
Carol & Ed Dodge
Adelaide and Frederick Finseth
Shirley Freriks
Anne Katrine Hagelund
Dr. David Hamilton
Julie S. Heyman
Pamela Hiley
Richard Hume
IONS Community Groups of
Florida, Los Angeles and Great Vancouver
Jon Learn
Leistikow Farms, LLC
Doris Lora
Tom O'Mera
Marion Rosenberg
Bob and pat Stvanen
Ben and Mildred Young

And to the following individuals who have graciously donated their time, energy and efforts to the Science of Peace thus far:

Steve Tatman
Annemarie Osborne
Kelly Leavitt
Gary Thomchuk
Bridget Reynolds
Jay Miracle
David Drewry
John Gannon
Sharon Joy
Vanese McNeill
Matthew Gilbert
Jerilyn Hesse